Medicine has evolved during the recent decades to focus on pharmaceutical

interventions for specific diseases. We have become conditioned to utilize a ‘‘drug

for disease’’ approach to medicine. Admittedly, it can simplify the practice of

medicine and expedite patient management with quotidian care. However, we

were extensively trained in all the basic sciences so that we could and would think

scientifically when diagnosing and treating. The birth of regenerative medicine has

rekindled in many of us a passion to understand the cell biology and biochemical

science of the body’s mechanisms of repair. The rationales for this chapter are

twofold. First, with any new development in medicine there is an almost immediate

antipathy and resistance from the conventionalists. Scientific justification

provides an incontrovertible basis for these new procedures and interventions.

Therefore, in this chapter I will highlight some of the basic biochemical principles

of cell metabolism that will enhance the effectiveness of Platelet Rich Plasma

(PRP) in regenerative medicine. Secondly, these principles can easily be incorporated

into a supplement protocol for patients who are to undergo a procedure.

It is analogous to preparing the soil for a garden. To expect any regenerative

procedure to have optimal results in a patient depleted of the essential elements of

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