Regrowing Bone

(is this possible?)

Many orthopedic surgeons and bone doctors don’t believe that bone will regenerate. Whether from degenerative diseases such as osteoporosis and osteoarthritis, reversing these diseases is a matter of addressing the biochemistry of bone. When the right elements are added back to the body, not only will bone regenerate, but it will be strong, high-tensile strength bone. Watch the video to see how this happens.

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Courtney Hawkins
NFL Wide Receiver


Courtney Hawkins is a former NFL wide receiver. Over his years of playing professional football, he sustained many concussions. His wife Candace and his oldest daughter Ciya, share an intimate look into their daily lives, and the surprising effect that Neupanex has had on Courtney’s overall mood and demeanor.

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This 13 year old competitive cheerleader suffered a serious concussion during a competition, and used Neupanex to help her heal her brain

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(Gunshot Spine)

Julius suffered a spinal cord injury from one of four gunshot wounds. After several months, he is now walking, and are continuing to see him regain his abilities.

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(Parental Dementia)

When your parent is diagnosed with dementia, and the neurologist’s tests confirm your fears, what do you do?

Monica and her family turned to Neupanex®

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Bill Turner


Bill began exhibiting some very profound “red flags” to his wife Toni who works as a speech therapist in rehabilitation hospitals. She saw the warning signs for neurodegenerative disorders in her husband that she is accustomed to recognizing in her patients.

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