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What is Neupanex®?

The most advanced, state of the art biochemicaly designed nutraceutical for healing the central nervous system

When A Parent Gets Alzheimer’s/Dementia

Monica’s family began to notice when her mom began exhibiting signs of extreme forgetfulness.  When your parent is diagnosed with dementia, what do you do?

Concussion Recovery

Watching our kids compete in sports is one of the greatest joys in a parent’s life.  When an injury occurs, it can be one of the most helpless and scary moments of our lives.

Addressing Former NFL Player’s Post Concussion Disorder

Our modern gladiators are at much higher risk to the effects of head injuries simply because of the nature of their respective sport.

Paralysis From Gunshot Wound To The Spine

He was shot 4 times, that left his spinal cord severed and no ability to move his legs.