Videos on my Musings and Clinic Notes


Covid and The Genetic Connection

Dr. Clarke shares his thoughts of the effects that genetics has to do with the severity of COVID symptoms.

Vitamin K and Blood Thinners

We get a lot of questions about vitamin K2’s role in our supplement compounds and whether it negatively interacts with prescription blood thinners. Doc shares his experience and observations on why this particular form of K2 doesn’t appear to have a negative affect.
There are several forms of vitamin K. The K2 mk7 variety has been studied and shown to not have a significant effect on blood clotting.

Clinic Notes

Hormones and Osteoporosis

What does it take to actually build solid, flexible bone and reverse osteoporosis? Dr. Clarke discusses what is involved with regrowing strong pliable bone, even when that person is of advanced age.

Rehabilitation For A Stroke Survivor Can’t Speak or Understand

A patient sustained a motor vehicle accident, then just as they were getting better, they had a stroke. Dr. Clarke has his work cut out for him to help this person regain their ability to speak and understand again.

Low Cortisol, Inflammation, and Immunity

Doc turns around a former anesthesiologist when he discovers that he has no cortisol. Too little cortisol is directly linked to Addison’s disease, where the body’s immune system begins to attack the body. This results in an increase in inflammation and constant pain and sickness.